Unlex-Accelerator is a powerful bitcoin accelerator that allows you to speed up your BTC transactions and reduce the confirmations waiting time.

Every time you deal with a Bitcoin transaction, either you send or receive BTC from or to your wallet, your transaction is ‘broadcasting’ on the blockchain. By this global miners recognize your transaction is ready and waiting for processing and once processed, it gets a ‘confirmed’ mark.

By rebroadcasting your BTC transaction through up to 15 blockchain nodes, we are able to significantly reduce the time the transaction takes.

No more ‘stuck’ transactions, even if you paid the minimum fee or are using blockchain during maximum load.

You don't even need to Sign Up or Sign In. Unlike other similar services, we do not collect any data from our users. We respect your privacy. We respect your time.

How long will I have to wait for CONFIRMATIONS?

There are a few variables to consider such as how busy the blockchain network is and how low was the transaction fee you used when you sent your Bitcoin. The important thing to know is that in 95% of cases you will wait less time if you accelerate your transaction with Unlex Accelerator.

In some cases, transactions that have been waiting for confirmation for hours get their first confirmation within 3-4 minutes after using this service.


Right now we limited the frequency to once per day. You can use the coupon code to accelerate your transactions more than once a day.


Every Bitcoin transaction comes with its own transaction ID (TXID). It is also known as Transaction Hash, a string of letters and numbers that makes every transaction unique. It includes information on the transaction size, time, type, creator, machine and so on.

You can find your Transaction ID in the following format:

“073957ae2439ef7eeb8e962460386244f5339098d69cbc534c677716a7ed0528” by completing the search of the bitcoin address of your transaction at www.btc.com or www.blockchain.info

In order to be able to speed up your transactions more than once a day, you will need the Unlex Accelerator coupon codes. You can get them unlimited if you have an account on the unlex-mining.biz cloud mining platform and have purchased cloud mining power for more than $100.

In the nearest future, we will implement a paid subscription system with an unlimited number of accelerated transactions during the subscription.